What is “Hybrid Power”?

Our hybrid power technology gives you the option to use a rechargeable core , which can also be used to charge other devices, or the option to swap in the dry-cell battery core as a back-up option when rechargeable power is not available.

How does Hybrid Power help the environment?

By providing the option of rechargeable power, we’re reducing the need for single use dry-cell batteries that ultimately end up in a landfill where the release harmful toxins into the ground.

Why is Lumen count important?

Lumens are the measure of the intensity of the light from a light source like a flashlight, lantern or headlamp, for example. The higher the lumen count, the brighter the light will appear. The lumen count on each light indicates the highest brightness for that light, set to its highest brightness mode.

How does InfinityX1 measure and report its lighting specifications?

InfinityX1 used ANSI standards which are the only industry-wide standard of measurement as outlined and published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

What do the four lights above the light switch indicate?

The four lights indicate the level of charge left in the battery.

What does the light on the battery indicate?

When the light is red, the battery is recharging. When battery is fully charged the light is green. When recharging other devices the light is green.

Can the light be used to recharge other devices?

Yes; Remove battery pack from the light and plug your device into the USB port labeled "out" on battery. Devices that can be charged: Smart phones, iPads, and Tablets

What does the water resistance rating mean?

The IPX system is universally used to rate how protected a product is against water and dust from getting into the unit. Generally speaking, the higher the number the more protected that product is.


How can I contact InfinityX1 for warranty issues?

You can contact us by phone at +1(866) 544-4891 or email at support@infinityx1.com

Why is the light not turning on?

Make sure the end cap is screwed on until completely tight before use.

Why is my light creating heat?

High lumen setting on light will create heat when using for extended periods.

Why does the flashlight not have a recharging cable included?

The charging cable is attached to the battery. No other cable is needed.