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Upgrade to infinite power

Infinity X1 Power Management technology allows you to use the right power based on your constantly changing lighting requirements. This innovative technology allows you to have all the benefits of rechargeable power while keeping the flexibility that AC power or dry cell batteries can provide. Managing the different power options within an individual lighting product requires our patented software and hardware technology developed into our Hybrid Single-Core, Hybrid Dual-Core, Hybrid-AC/DC and Rechargeable powered products.

  • What a time saver! Rechargeable and convenient - avoids having to take a trip to the store when I run out of batteries. Charges super quick too. Love it!

    Jason R.
  • Very bright light and lasts a long time and longer than expected. I keep this in my toolbag when going on installation jobs and so far hasn't let me down.

    Kathy C.
  • Great design and ergonomic, sturdy and works very smoothly. The rechargeable component is also great as I'm always going through a ton of batteries.

    Tim J.
  • Sustainable Power Management

    Meeting your needs without compromising your present or future.

    50% of each day the earth is covered in darkness. What you do and how long you do it is largely determined by the power and the quality of light. With Infinity X1’s patented Sustainable Power Management you can stay out longer doing what you love without harming the places you enjoy.
  • Smart Technology

    Endless power for endless light

    Our technology is at the forefront of every new product. Dual and hybrid power allows for confident in always having light at your fingertips.
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  • Built to last

    Lifetime guarantee on every purchase

    Infinity X1 puts quality above all else. Aircraft grade aluminum guarantees our products will withstand the toughest environments. Each flashlight is IPX waterproof rated and undergoes drop testing starting at 1 meter. Our lifetime warranty guarantees your confidence in your purchase.
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