Technology of Innovative Portable Lighting Products: A Comparison to Competitors

Technology of Innovative Portable Lighting Products: A Comparison to Competitors

There are at least two dozen manufacturers in the portable lighting market and product quality, versatility, and durability have all improved over the past few years. While some brands may be household names, as lighting technology has advanced, new options have emerged that are worth reviewing before deciding which light best suits your needs. As relatively new brand in the portable lighting market is Infinity X1, we’ll be delving deeper into Infinity X1’s innovations and outline why our products stand out from the crowd.

What is Infinity X1?

Infinity X1 is a company that designs, engineers, and manufactures sustainable lighting products. It started with the belief that “the best way to live a sustainable life is to be efficient in your energy consumption.” They create portable lighting products in line with their philosophy that they should be long-lasting, rechargeable, practical, and adaptable to their environments and not be disposable. They have integrated Hybrid-Power and Smart Adaptive light technology into flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and work lights to reduce battery waste and help the environment. Smart Adaptive light technology improves how you see your surroundings.

Leading Technology of Portable Lighting Products

In 2019, they patented Broadview Vision. It was the first headlamp to feature a full 220-degree light beam to match our peripheral vision.
In 2014, they patented sustainable Power Management technology that optimizes lumen output and battery life. It’s a unique core technology that manages multiple power sources at the same time. We’ll learn more about it in a moment.

What is Hybrid Power?

Hybrid power is one of the essential aspects of portable lighting technology. It means a flashlight, headlamp, or other light has more than one power source. The lights can run on a rechargeable battery core or switch to regular dry-cell disposable or rechargeable batteries if a USB connection is unavailable.
For example, the 5000 Lumen Hybrid Power Flashlight comes with a rechargeable core and 9 AA batteries with a holder for backup power. Users can switch cores anytime, so they are never without light.

They have three variations of Hybrid Power depending on the lighting device:

  1. Hybrid Single-Core Power - This unique technology combines the sustainability of rechargeable batteries with Dry Cell batteries in one unit. As the rechargeable battery diminishes, the Power Management Technology software switches to the Dry Cell to optimize the total hours of light. After charging, the Power Management technology switches power back to reusable power. It’s the technology that saves money and reduces the environmental impact of dead batteries.
  1. Hybrid Dual-Core Power - Infinity X1’s Hybrid Dual-Core Technology lets users choose which power they want to use, rechargeable or Dry Cell batteries. The difference between the Single-core power is you must exchange the battery pack manually. They are not combined. You still benefit from having an alternative power source when you need it and it also doubles as a back up power source for charging a phone or other device.

  1. Hybrid AC/DC Power - Technology provides an alternative power option for portable lighting products. This technology allows for high-lumen output using DC when Alternating Current is unavailable. It’s an advantage for remote operations requiring light all night long.

Smart Adaptive Technology

Infinity X1 is the first manufacturer to use Smart Adaptive lighting technology in flashlights and other products to maximize power savings and high lumen counts. Their portable lighting products have been engineered to be simple, extremely durable, lightweight, and have long battery life.

Sustainable Lighting Products Save You Money

Most bargain flashlights found in stores or on Amazon run on disposable batteries. They are wasteful and cost much more for everyday use.

Additionally, most inexpensive rechargeable flashlights are underpowered. They typically won’t generate over 1,000 lumens. That’s adequate if you’re searching for something inside a room or vehicle, however, it won’t be enough if you’re outdoors or in the woods. The Infinity X1 5000 Lumen Flashlight can adjust from wide to narrow, effectively shining a strong beam 200 meters (656 ft).

Bargain Flashlights Cost More

If each AA battery costs you $0.75, every time the power runs out, it costs you anywhere from $1.50 to $6.75, depending on the model to replace the batteries. There is also the cost to the environment. Unless appropriately recycled, all those dead batteries end up in a landfill leaching heavy metals into the ground. Infinity X1 portable lighting products are sustainable and can recharge with a USB cord, avoiding the additional costs of disposable batteries. At the lowest 800-lumen setting, the beam easily reaches 70 meters (230 ft.), and a charge can last for up to five hours continuously.

What to Look For in Innovative Portable Lighting

Sustainability and flexibility go hand-in-hand when searching for the best portable lighting. The best LED flashlights and other lights like LED headlamps, lanterns, and work lights have the following features in common:
  • Adjustable Beam – High-quality LED flashlights and headlamps that allow users to focus the light from a wide angle to a narrow beam.

  • Adjustable Power – Adjustable power settings offer maximum brightness or a dimmer light to maximize battery life.

  • Power Indicator Lights – With ordinary flashlights, the only way to tell if you have charged batteries is to turn them on. A quality light features an indicator light so you always know how much battery life you have left  and can keep the light charged and ready without surprises that will leave you in the dark.

  • Dual Core Power Source – The primary power comes from sustainable, rechargeable batteries with the option to use traditional dry cell batteries if necessary.

  • Ability to Charge Phones – The best LED flashlights and portable lighting will feature a USB port to charge cell phones and other devices in an emergency. You get light and back-up power from one device.

  • Durable Materials – Look for durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum. Thin metal can dent, and plastic can crack when dropped on a hard surface. Look for lights that have passed drop tests of 1 meter or more.

  • IP Water Resistance – You want lights with an IP water resistance of 4 or higher. It means the light will withstand splashing water.

  • Lifetime Warranty – Only the best LED flashlights offer a lifetime warranty. Cheaply constructed lights can’t withstand the weather, getting dropped, or long-term everyday use. Infinity X1 has developed portable LED lighting that incorporates all these essential features, and offers a lifetime warranty.

Comparing Other LED Flashlight Technology

Most brands don’t use rechargeable batteries which means they are wasteful and costly. Typically constructed with inferior materials, manufacturers will only offer a short-term warranty.

Most rechargeable LED lights are underpowered, 800 lumens or less, and few have an auxiliary USB port as an emergency phone charger. Only Infinity X1 has dual-core power, a battery indicator, is made of premium materials and has other smart features, plus a lifetime warranty. With Hybrid power and Smart Adaptive lighting technology, they are leading the way in sustainable lighting products.

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