Infinity X1 Compared to The Competition

Infinity X1 Compared to The Competition

Trying to figure out which lights are the best for your needs can be confusing with all the different options on the market. This article compares features from the newest Infinity X1 lights to several top brands so you can easily evaluate your options.

Infinity X1 produces eco-friendly, hybrid technology-based portable lighting. Read more to learn how they compare to the competition!

Infinity X1 Flashlights Key Features

If you are unfamiliar with the Infinity X1 brand, they’ve incorporated the best features of emergency and rechargeable flashlights into one rugged series of portable lights. Their most remarkable innovation is the Hybrid Power Dual Core System. It’s a sustainable power management system that maximizes battery life by giving you power choices. The flashlights and headlamps can run on an internal rechargeable battery or use standard dry cell batteries if recharging is not an option. 

Some of the flashlight features include:

  • Dual Power Modes – Uses a rechargeable battery pack or regular dry cell batteries.
  • Charge Indicator Lights – This lets you know how much power the battery has left so you can prepare a backup option before it's too late.
  • Light Intensity Options – Models from 1500 to 5000 lumens illuminate up to 200 meters away.
  • Adjustable Beam – Depending on your needs, the lens focuses from narrow to wide.
  • Battery Life – Up to 5 hours on a single charge at 850 lumens.
  • Ergonomic – Knurled aircraft-grade aluminum feels secure in your hand.
  • Durable – Rugged enough for everyday use with a drop rating of up to 1 meter.
  • Water Resistant – IPX4 Resistant to water splashes.
  • USB + Power Bank – Recharge from any USB outlet. Use the battery core as a portable charger.
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of light. You can also use alkaline batteries as a secondary power source. The Hybrid Power Flashlight 5000 Lumen has three brightness settings: high (5000 lumens), mid (2,550), and low (850). It’s 12.6 x 2.2 inches and easy to carry around.

Infinity X1 Compared to Maglite Flashlights

Maglite is a classic flashlight brand, but most models are small, pocket-sized lights that run on 2 or 3 AAA batteries or much larger models that can be cumbersome for everyday use. The few rechargeable lights they offer require a special charging cradle and cord that only fits their light. 

Compared to their rechargeable ML150LR(X) model, it has a maximum lumen output of 1,082 and can last 3 hours and 15 minutes at full power. Maglite states it can last up to 79 hours at the lowest setting of 25 lumens. 

Some of the features include:

  • Dimensions – 10.7” long x 1.2” diameter
  • Body Construction – Anodized aluminum
  • Water Resistance – IPX4 Resistant to water splashes.
  • Warranty – 10-year limited warranty

They report that their light will project a beam 500 yards (458 meters). Any light can be seen from a great distance, but adequate visibility is another matter.

Infinity X1 Compared to Nebo Flashlights

Nebo offers 34 models of LED flashlights, but only 19 are rechargeable. Their most powerful model is 12,000 lumens. However, it can only stay on the highest setting for 30 seconds and automatically switches to the 7,000 lumens setting to prevent the LED from burning. Some of the features include:

  • 5 Light Modes – Turbo (12,000 lumens), High (7,000), Medium (3,000), Low (300), and Strobe (12,000)
  • Dimensions – 11.08” x 2.51” (head) 1.75” (barrel)
  • USB-C Rechargeable – More options for recharging
  • Adjustable lens – 2x zoom
  • Power Bank – Has a USB port to charge cell phones
  • Body Construction – Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Water Resistance – IP67
  • Warranty - A 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Nebo 12,000 LED flashlight costs about $30 more than the Infinity X1, does not offer dual power modes, and comes with a 1-year warranty vs a lifetime warranty.

Infinity X1 Headlamps

If you prefer hands-free lighting, consider a wearable headlamp. We’ve stacked up Infinity X1 against some popular models.

Infinity X1 Headlamps use Hybrid Power Technology. They also feature new Broadview technology that casts a 220-degree light beam to match our peripheral vision. Other features include:

  • Dual Power Modes – Uses a rechargeable battery pack or regular batteries.
  • 5 Brightness Settings – Turbo (1,600 lumens), High, Medium, Low, and Ultra Low.
  • Adjustable Lens - Spot, Flood, Spot + Flood, Side Beam, Down Beam, Side + Down Beams.
  • Night Modes - Red Night Vision, Red Emergency Signaling, Green Night Vision, and Green Flashing.
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty.

It’s the optimal work or emergency light that keeps both hands free.

Compared To Fenix LED Headlamps

Fenix offers a range of headlamps. The closest to the Infinity X1 is the HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp. It features 10 modes of light, with the brightest at 1600 lumens. The lamp tilts 60 degrees, and the double batteries are rechargeable by USB-C. Fenix offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products.

Compared To Nebo Einstein 1500 Flex Headlamps

NEBO offers a 1500-lumen headlamp called the Einstein 1500 Flex. One nice feature is the lens can tilt down. The Lithium batteries recharge using a standard USB-C cord. The headlamp does not allow for a dual power mode like the Infinity X1 and only has a 1-year limited warranty.

Infinity X1 Hybrid Lantern

If you need to light up a larger area, you’ll want a portable, rechargeable lantern.

Infinity X1 put their Hybrid technology into a rechargeable lantern that reaches 2,800 lumens with 4 brightness settings. You can power it from a USB port, “D” cell batteries, solar, or a combination. It also provides five lighting colors: Bright White, Warm White, Yellow Bug Light, Night Vision Red, and Emergency Flashing Red.

 You can turn on half the light for 180° coverage and save batteries or all for 360° illumination.

Compared To Energizer® Vision Hybrid Lantern

The Energizer® now offers a rechargeable lantern that powers up with USB or dry cell batteries. It provides an additional USB port for phone charging.

The maximum light output is 1,000 lumens, about a third of the Infinity X1. They have a 1-year parts warranty.

Compared To Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern

The Fenix CL30R LED Lantern costs about $110, about the same as the Infinity X1. It produces 650 lumens and has three brightness settings. Rechargeable batteries are the sole power source, and the lantern also functions as a power bank to recharge phones.

Efficient Power Management Equals a Sustainable Future

While the competitor products have their pros, they also lack some advanced features. It’s all about your preferences. Infinity X1 offers all the features you need if you want a functional, long-lasting, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lighting solution. 

Hybrid technology, using dual power sources and sustainable solutions, is the key to eliminating battery waste from our daily activities. Flashlight batteries are one of the most common items that get thrown away after being used once. 

Infinity X1 Hybrid technology solves this problem by creating durable, rechargeable lights guaranteed for a lifetime. Check out their products here

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