How To Stay Safe During Power Outages

How To Stay Safe During Power Outages

Power blackouts are more common than you think. Severe weather is the cause of 70% of the blackouts in the U.S.  Other causes include the aging power grid, cars crashing into power poles, and even squirrels chewing through a home’s wiring. Before you find yourself in a blackout, prepare for a power outage by reviewing these tips to stay safe until the lights come back on.

Tune-In To the Local Weather Forecast

Monitoring weather alerts is crucial if you live in an area that frequently experiences seasonal blackouts. During a storm, avoid going outside unless necessary. Don’t go near any downed power line or any standing water near the line.

Keeping Safe During A Power Outage

Identify a safe space where you and your family will meet and prepare a power outage safety kit, like the one we recommend below, that will be stored in an easily accessible area in the event of a power outage. The first step during a blackout is getting a reliable light source, such as a flashlight or battery-powered lamp. Next, turn on a battery-powered radio or your smartphone to get the latest news and updates on the situation.

Keep a Rechargeable Flashlight Handy

Choose a durable and rechargeable flashlight that is always ready when you need it. The best rechargeable emergency flashlight has dual power modes including a rechargeable battery, and a dry cell battery option, allowing you to swap when rechargeable power is unavailable. Even better is a flashlight that also has  a USB port that lets you power your cell phone in an emergency.

Other Sources of Light

In addition to flashlights, you should have one or more rechargeable headlamps or lanterns to light up rooms. Look for lights that can recharge using solar or a USB port.

Candles and oil lamps are alternate light sources. While providing necessary light without electricity, open flames are inherently dangerous and not the safest lighting around small children, pets, and leaking gas lines. Another option is to have a portable generator.

Have an Emergency Kit Ready To Go

Having an emergency kit ready beforehand can make all the difference in the case of an emergency. An emergency kit should include first aid supplies, flashlights, extra batteries, and cash since ATMs may not be working If possible, include copies of any important documents and identification, insurance cards, and a list of important phone numbers.  Having these items on hand will help you feel more comfortable and give you peace of mind.

You should also stock up on nonperishable food items, bottled water,  medications and other essentials. The one rule of thumb for an emergency kit is to Keep It Accessible!

Other Power Outage Tips

Here are some other ways to prepare for an unexpected blackout:

  • Install a quality battery-operated alarm – Home invasions can spike during a blackout. Consider investing in a cordless alarm system to emit loud sounds to notify neighbors of your situation.
  • Keep a rechargeable flashlight within easy reach - If your area is prone to violent weather or blackouts, keep an emergency flashlight in every room, your vehicles, and any other places you frequent.
  • Unplug all appliances – Power surges can ruin electronics like computers, TVs, and gaming consoles. Make sure to unplug these or have them plugged into a surge protector.

Always Be Prepared for Power Outages

At any given moment, thousands of customers are without power, putting families at risk of injury and discomfort. There are measures you can take to keep everyone safe until the lights come back on. Make sure you’re prepared by stockpiling batteries and upgrading emergency kits with the best portable light for a power outage, Infinity X1. When the power goes out, follow these tips to stay safe until the power comes back on.

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